Suggest: enlarge arrows to flip thru styles in style panel

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Suggest: enlarge arrows to flip thru styles in style panel

Postby billvelek » Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:52 am

On the styles panel (tab) at the bottom of the session screen, there are small arrows to flip through the various beer styles. When I do so, I am almost always looking at the bar graphs to see how well my beer fits into the typical styles characteristics, and I seldom glance up at the name of the beer style unless my brew matches style characteristics fairly well. Anyway, when doing it in this manner, I have noticed quite a few times that my cursor has apparently shifted slightly so that I have started to go through the list in the wrong direction as I click; in other words, I would start at the top of the list at '1A' with the intention of flipping through the entire style list, and I might get as far as '10' and then after a few more flips I'd glance up and see that I am at '7' or '8' rather than at '12' or '13' -- because I have obviously allowed the cursor to move to the left slightly so that I started going up the list instead of continuing down. Since there is PLENTY of room for those arrows, please consider either separating them a bit or making them larger.

Another suggestion, and this goes for both BTP as well as the website, e.g., the search function -- please consider adding a way to select or de-select between the two major categories -- ales and lagers. Since I currently do not brew lagers, a simple check box to choose only ales or to eliminate lagers would make using this program and the website much easier. For instance, there are many beers that I have never tried and am therefore not familiar enough with them to recognize immediately if they are an ale or a lager, and then I end up wasting time by having to check on that type of beer or on that recipe, only to find that it is a lager that I can't use. I know that the info is there; that's not the point. The point is how easy it should be to allow users to save time by allowing them to avoid having to look for that info in the first place. Of all my suggestions, this is one that I would REALLY like to see implemented. Thanks.


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