Setting Up A BIAB Mash Schedule Question

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Setting Up A BIAB Mash Schedule Question

Post by bpylant » Sun May 17, 2020 12:49 pm

It's been probably 7 or 8 years since I've set up equipment profiles and recipe templates, but I picked up an Anvil Foundry and am setting up a new recipe template (which is essentially brew-in-a-bag).

My question here is specifically in regards to the Mash Schedule:
  • I created a quick dummy recipe with 10# of 2-row, and I set my Kettle Volume to 5.87 gallons @168ºF and my Final Volume to 5.25 gallons @68ºF. (The Kettle and Final volume math seems slightly off, even when set to the same temperature, but that's a different question!)
  • I switched to the Schedule tab and created a Mash-In step, adjusting the Infusion rate so that I ended up with 5.87 gallons Available. Since I'm not sparging, my mash needs to end w/ the full Kettle volume after grain absorption is factored in.
  • I then added a 60 minute rest, and then a "batch sparge" that has no additional water, just a runoff step of 5.85 gallons. This gave me Collected and In Vessel values of 5.85. (Again, the BTP math seems *slightly* off.)
So far so good. (Please correct me if there's a better way to set up a BIAB schedule!)

My issue is when the grain bill is updated to actual recipe quantities:
I have both Kettle Volume and Final Volume locked, so I would think that BTP would automatically adjust my Mash In water quantity accordingly so I end up with 5.87 gallons, but it doesn't -- no matter what combination of item(s) I lock, I have to manually adjust the infusion rate to arrive at 5.87 gallons in the kettle in the Schedule tab. (The values in the main window do not change, even when unlocked, which I find strange.)

And there is no lock button on the Infusion Rate field in the Mash-In Editor.

Is this correct, that this is always a manual adjustment? Or am I missing something in how I'm setting this up? I have no problem doing it manually, I just want to be sure this is how it is supposed to work and that I'm doing all of this the correct way.

Here are some screenshots and the .btp file is attached.

Foundry (120V) 5 Gallon No-Sparge.btp
(17.47 KiB) Downloaded 54 times
BTP 2.0.22 / Database 9

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Re: Setting Up A BIAB Mash Schedule Question

Post by jeff » Wed May 27, 2020 7:41 am

I finally had a some time to open your file and look at your settings. I think you're correct about how the value locks are applied and some manual adjustment is required.

Working with your recipe, one addition I made is lock the total runoff field in the sparge editor. Then, to arrive at roughly 0.0 gal infusion water in your sparge step, since this is representing removal of the grain bag, I use the increment arrows on the infusion/decoction cell of the mash-in step. When pressing the Option/Alt key while clicking the arrows steps the increment down to +-0.1 for finer adjustments. This allowed me to ballpark the value in just a few clicks.

I hope this helps clear things up.
Jeff Staff

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