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Belchian IPA

Belchian IPA

Specialty Beer : All Grain : 6.75 gal


Belgian IPA

August 23, 2013 at 09:27am

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Ingredients (All Grain6.75 gal)

  • 14 lbs 2-Row Brewers Malt; Briess

    2-Row Brewers Malt; Briess

    Mild malty flavor. Characteristics & Applications: • Base malt for all beer styles • Smoother, less grainy flavor than 6-Row Brewers Malt. • Slightly higher yield than 6-Row Brewers Malt. • Slight lower protein than 6-Row Brewers Malt. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • .25 lbs American Chocolate Malt

    American Chocolate Malt

    Use in all types to adjust color and add nutty, toasted flavor. Chocolate flavor.

  • .25 lbs Melanoidin Malt

    Melanoidin Malt

    Red Ales

  • .25 lbs Belgian Special B

    Belgian Special B

  • .5 lbs Oats Flaked

    Oats Flaked

    Belgian White Ale(wit), other specialty beers.

  • 2 oz Warrior® - 15.4 AA% pellets; boiled 30 min


    New hop with much potential. Very stable.

  • 2 oz Ahtanum - 6.0 AA% whole; added dry to secondary fermenter


    Good for lagers, american ales, Floral. citrus, sharp and piney.

  • White Labs WLP575 Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend

    White Labs WLP575 Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend

    A blend of Trappist type yeast (2) and one Belgian ale type yeast. This creates a versatile blend that can be used for Trappist type beer, or a myriad of beers that can be described as 'Belgian type'.


Cold steep the melanoidin, special b, and chocolate malt over night in 1 gallon water. Then add liquid to boil. The color will not be as dark as listed here. Add golden syrup to primary after fermentation 48 hours. Pitched yeast and fermented for 6 days at 66F. then free rise to ambient of 74F.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 23 - Specialty Beer

Subcategory: A - Specialty Beer

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.065 1.026 - 1.120
Terminal Gravity: 1.014 0.995 - 1.035
Color: 15.8 SRM 1 - 50
Alcohol: 6.7% ABV 2.50% - 14.50%
Bitterness: 61.7 IBU 0.00 - 100.00


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