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Weizen/Weissbier : All Grain : 50 L

Rava Strong Ale


December 4, 2012 at 07:57am

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Ingredients (All Grain50 L)

  • 6 kg Pilsen 2RS Malt; Castle Malting

    Pilsen 2RS Malt; Castle Malting

    Features: The lightest coloured Belgian malt. Produced from the finest European two-row spring barley varieties: Henley, Tipple, Sebastian, Prestige, Thorgall. Kilned at up to 80- 85°C. Usage: All beer types. Can be used up to 100% or as part of the mixture. Characteristics: The lightest in colour and low in protein, this malt is well modified and can be easily mashed with a single-temperature infusion. Our Pilsen malt carries a strong, sweet malt flavour and contains enough enzymatic power to be used as base malt.

  • 4 kg Wheat Malt; Castle Malting

    Wheat Malt; Castle Malting

    Features: Belgian wheat malt. Kilned at up to 80- 85°C. Usage: Wheat beers, white, light beers, beers with low or no alcohol. Recommended proportion: 40%. Characteristics: Enhances the peculiar taste of wheat beers. Wheat malt is essential in making wheat beers, but is also used in malt-based beers (3–5%) thanks to its protein that gives the beer a fuller mouth feel and enhanced beer head stability.

  • 0.20 kg Cara 120 EBC Malt; Castle Malting

    Cara 120 EBC Malt; Castle Malting

    Features: Belgian caramel malt. High temperature of germination. Taste development at up to 220°C, intense aroma. Usage: Light, with little or no alcohol, white, Abbey or Trappiste type beers. Recommended proportion: up to 20% of the grist. Characteristics: Caramel malt imparts a rich, caramel-sweet aroma and unique toffee-like flavour, adding golden to light amber colour to beer. A distinguishing characteristic of all Caramel malts is glassiness. This glassy endosperm creates the desirable non-fermentable components that give true Caramel Malt the ability to contribute mouth feel, foam, foam retention, and extended beer stability.

  • 1 kg Rice Hulls

    Rice Hulls

    Rice Hulls are used as a filter medium, mostly used in all grain wheat beers to help prevent a stuck mash.

  • 0.5 kg Wheat Flaked

    Wheat Flaked

    Belgian White Ale(wit), other specialty beers.

  • 30 g Styrian Goldings - 4.6 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min

    Styrian Goldings

    Mild, pleasant.

  • 30 g Styrian Goldings - 4.6 AA% pellets; boiled 15 min

    Styrian Goldings

    Mild, pleasant.

  • 25 g Corriander crushed - 10min (omitted from calculations)

    Corriander crushed

    Coriander is the seed of Coriandrum sativum, a plant in the parsley family. The seed is ground or crushed. Coriander has a mild, distinctive taste similar to a blend of lemon and sage.

  • 30 g Orange Peel (dried) - 10min (omitted from calculations)

    Orange Peel (dried)

    Has a fragrantt sweet odor and a subtle mild sweetness. One medium orange has about 3 tablespoons of grated peel.

  • Fermentis WB-06 Safbrew WB-06

    Fermentis WB-06 Safbrew WB-06

    A speciality yeast selected for wheat beer fermentations. The yeast produces subtle estery and phenol flavour notes typical of wheat beers.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 15 - German Wheat and Rye Beer

Subcategory: A - Weizen/Weissbier

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.046 1.044 - 1.052
Terminal Gravity: 1.011 1.010 - 1.014
Color: 5.0 SRM 2 - 8
Alcohol: 4.5% ABV 4.30% - 5.60%
Bitterness: 11.8 IBU 8.00 - 15.00


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