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BeerTools Pro version 2.0.10 Update

Postby jeff » Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:16 pm

A new update is available in My BeerTools.

This update includes database modifications in preparation for the new 2014 BJCP guidelines and a couple bug fixes. Please see the release notes below.

It's always a good idea to backup valuable data before updating BeerTools Pro.

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BeerTools Pro 2.0 Release Notes

[Opt] = Optimization
[Fix] = Bug Fix
[Imp] = Improvement on bug, but problems may still exist
[New] = New Feature
[Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
[Kis] = Known Issue
[Wrk] = WorkAround
[Dep] = Deprecated
[Pat] = Describes a backwards compatibility issue.
[Ref] = Major refactoring, functionality should be identical to

v2.0.10 2014-08-12

[New] [All] Modified database and interface for compatibility
            with new BJCP 2014 guidelines.
[Chg] [All] Revised how FG-CG difference is calculated affecting
            extract yield calculations.
[Fix] [All] Implemented a fix that prevents redundant
            calculations when not actually changing a value in
            an edit field that receives and loses focus.
[New] [All} Added the drop down menu arrow next to the date in
            the recipe list to make it more clear that the date
            displayed can be changed.
[New] [All] Implemented multi-user license recognition.

v2.0.9 2014-07-20

[Fix] [Win] Fixed missing pint glass graphic on recipe
[Fix] [All] Schedule list automatically updates after
            preferences are changed.
[Chg] [All] Confirmation is now the default action on delete
            item alert dialog windows.
[New] [All] The .btp XML schema allows third-party data to be
            saved along with recipe data inside the
            <b:Extra/> container elements. Extra data is
            preserved but not altered when files are opened and
[New] [All] Hop utilization can be manually entered in the
            recipe list overriding the current hop utilization
[Chg] [All] The calibration icon is changed to a reset icon in
            the schedule step editors.
[New] [All] New ingredients added to the ingredient database.

v2.0.8 2014-03-05

[Fix] [All] Carbonation calculations correctly refresh after
            adding or editing volume adjustments.
[Imp] [All] Improved alphabetical sorting of recipes,
            ingredients and other library items.
[Imp] [All] Print resolution for graphics improved.
[Fix] [Mac] Fixed evaporation mode and original gravity mode
            icon rendering on retina displays.
[Fix] [All] Prevented use of infinite and undefined numbers in
            schedule calculations causing unpredictable results
            and possible program crashes.
[Fix] [All] The heating vessel in the mash-in step is preserved
            in saved files when it is the same as the mashing
[New] [All] Water chemistry data is scaled with the rest of the
            recipe when scaling by final volume.
[Imp] [All] Improved the layout of some editor windows to allow
            labels to display fully in some languages.
[New] [All] Added BRL to list of currencies and updated exchange

v2.0.7 2014-02-15

[Chg] [All] Disabled ability to establish connections with the
            same account as logged in user.
[New] [All] Added summary data to print-outs.
[Fix] [Lnx] Restored mouse events on volume, efficiency and info
            tabs so they can be selected by clicking.
[New] [All] Extracts and adjuncts can be specified at later
            stages such as primary and secondary fermentation,
            and storage.
[New] [All] A new original gravity selection button becomes
            visible next to the original gravity field on the
            analysis tab when the wort and total original
            gravities differ.
[New] [All] Manufacturer/supplier listed with ingredient name in
            the shopping list window.

v2.0.6 2014-01-25

[Imp] [All] Reduced application crashes when saving recipe data
            containing malformed UTF-8 text entered in notes and
            description text fields.
[Fix] [All] Inventory amounts refresh after the shopping list
            window closes to display any changes to inventory
            that may have occurred.
[Fix] [All] The calculator and info window open or closed state
            is restored between program launches.
[New] [All] New ingredients added to the ingredient database.

v2.0.5 2013-12-30

[Fix] [All] Fixed incorrect loading of custom hop utilization
[Chg] [Mac] Preference files are saved in a different location
            than previous versions of BeerTools Pro.
[New] [All] Volume temperatures are persistent when loading
            recipes, opening new recipe windows and between
            program launches.
[New] [All] Protein rest and saccharification rest temperatures
            added to the volume temperature choices.
[New] [All] Evaporation can be represented as total volume or
            volume per hour by clicking the settings button next
            to the evaporation field.

v2.0.4 2013-12-16

[Fix] [Win] Fixed a problem that caused text to reverse when
            typing in the name, author, description and notes

v2.0.3 2013-12-15

[Fix] [All] Recipe name, author, date, description and notes
            now update correctly after importing a recipe.
[Fix] [Lnx] Fixed ignored default settings for migrated
[New] [All] Upon launch program attempts to import older version
            preference file to preserve library folder, max
            undo, unit preference and other settings.
[Fix] [Lnx] Vertical splitter positions are saved between
            sessions and restored when opening new windows.

v2.0.2 2013-12-06

[Fix] [All] Fixed a memory leak caused by a circular reference
            that caused a NilObjectException to appear when
            viewing folders after closing at least one recipe

v2.0.1 2013-10-24

[New] [All] Added keyboard shortcuts for the Calculators and
            Shopping List menu items.
[Fix] [All] Eliminated error message that displayed after
            deleting a recipe from online folders.

v2.0.0 2013-10-23

[Fix] [All] Fixed descending sort for online recipe folders.
[Chg] [All] Removed created and modified selections from the
            recipe list sort menu. Choosing sort by date sorts
            the list according to the currently displayed dates.
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Re: BeerTools Pro version 2.0.10 Update

Postby bernie879 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 10:54 pm


So I just did the update and apparently this Mac isn't able to support it due to the iOS. Despite this, it went through enough to overwrite the previous version. I'm not really a computer person, and even less so a Mac user (this is the wife's and I get by with the basics as my laptop is super slow), is there any way to reverse this overwrite or do you have a link to the previous version?

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