Malt Extract Choices....

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Malt Extract Choices....

Postby HardcoreLegend » Thu Sep 26, 2002 5:24 am

My local homebrew shop carries a good selection of malt extracts. They have Munton's, Cooper's, John Bull, Montmellick, Briess, and Northwestern. For those of us who use liquid malt extracts, would any of you guys recommend a particular one, and why. I am interested to know which is the best quality. They charge the same price for all varieties. Thanks!
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Extract I have used

Postby stumpwater » Thu Sep 26, 2002 1:20 pm

By far the best beer I ever brewed from extract was Munton's premier gold. The beer was called Midas Touch Golden Ale. I also like the Cooper's line of international brews. For dry extract I have only used the John Bull, but have made good beer with it. Hope this helps. By the way, the Midas touch is a two can kit but since I always used two cans of extract anyway, it turned out to be cheaper in the long run then any of the other kits. Regardless of the kit, I recommend a bit of fresh hops in the boil. (Hop head here!)
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John Bull

Postby dartedplus » Sun Sep 29, 2002 5:04 pm

When using extracts, I have always used John Bull, and have had very good results. I usually use the unhopped so that I can control the flavor and amount of hops. I once accidentally used a hopped can in my oatmeal stout and was very pleased with the extra hop flavor that I otherwise would not have had. ( I tend to not be a hop head )
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