Blending & Bottling Sour Ale

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Blending & Bottling Sour Ale

Postby highwaytoale » Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:52 pm


I'm hoping you may be able to help with a question on blending sour ale that I can't seem to find much info on. I have a one year old Flanders that I want to blend with a straight kolsch in an attempt to smooth/balance out the extreme sourness of the Flanders. I brewed/bottled this same Flanders in the past and due to the addition on wine must it's really, really sour on it's own. I've been trialing mixing the past Flanders in the glass with various regular ales (brown, pale, kolsch) and have settled on kolsch as the best mix.

Now that I have both ready to blend and bottle I'm second guessing myself. I'm worried that when the bugs from the Flanders are blended with the leftover dextrins in the kolsch that it will result in over carbonation and potentially bottle bombs. Do you have any thoughts on whether or not this may be an issue? I was also going to add priming sugar and use champagne yeast to carbonate due to it's higher acidic tolerance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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